LED lights for cellphone store and storefront April 27, 2017 10:59

Looking to increase visibility for you cellphone store?

We provide LED lighting for your windows, quick and easy to install. 


Cellphone store LED lighting, Storefront LED

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All Colors:


White LED: 

White storefront LED


Blue Color Storefront LED:

Blue color storefront LED

Red Color Storefront LED:

Red Color Storefront LED


Green Color Storefront LED:

Green Color Storefront LED


Multicolor Storefront LED, over 44 colors and effects with wireless remote:

Multicolor RGB Storefront LED



Red, White & Blue - Storefront LED November 12, 2016 01:15

Red White & Blue Storefront LED: Red | White | Blue 

Pattern Red White and Blue LED for Storefront

Installed Storefront LED kits comes in different sizes. Measure the perimeter of your storefront window and pick out a kit. Each kit is hand soldered here in the US (South Florida) with the highest attention to quality. Each kit has a factory life span of 50,000 hours which equal 10 years.

 Red White and Blue LED

Kits from all sizes for a custom fit from 5ft to 100ft lengths.
Red White and Blue Patriotic LED lights Storefront


 More pics:

Storefront LED Red White and Blue Pattern

 Red White & Blue Pattern

Luces LED para Restaurantes, Bares, Discotecas September 16, 2016 15:25

Luces para Bares, Restaurantes, Discotecas.



Luces LED para restaurante


Restaurantes, patios de comida, atrae clientes


Building Lighting with LED modules April 29, 2016 13:19

Plaza LED lighting, border LED mounting waterproof and easy to install


LED modules can be used to light up building borders, it creates a clean lit border to expose your business for oncoming traffic. This job was done for Shenanigans in Hollywood, FL. We used green LED with a special flexible mount to create a unique look.


Please call for pricing and more info (954) 639 34444 or


Building lighting with LED



Another building plaza using our legendary white LED, looks great in the day and night time. This install can be done in one day! with timers for on/off functionality. 

Building LED lighting


Call (954) 639  - 3444 for more info or send us and email