Picking the right color Storefront LED for you business (Colors, Flashing) April 10, 2015 12:22

How to pick out an LED Color for your business:

With the color options has, it is important to match the type of business with the correct color LED to use this product effectively. Much of the colors give off a buyers effect once they receiving end takes in the color the LED produces. Based on our years of experience we have gathered this info to provide you with the colors that best fit each individual business.

White Color Storefront LED?

White color LED is like wearing a black piece of clothing or white piece of clothing, it goes with anything. This same rule applies with LED. We have seen that many business once they are unsure of the color they would like whether they want a solid color or a multicolor LED, they usually go for the white. It looks amazing, the customers will be able to notice you by the split second they lay their eyes at your store. At the same token it doesn't repel the customer or traffic from knowing what kind of business it is.We recommend storefront White LED for professional offices provided services such as:

  • Tax Offices
  • Attorneys
  • Ticket clinics
  • Gyms
  • Accounting Firms 
  • Service based business

When to use solid Color LED BLUE, GREEN, RED?

  • Cellphone stores
  • Specific brand cellphones stores such as MetroPcs, Cricket, Boost, Simple Mobile
  • Adult Stores
  • Food/Restaurant stores with a specific logo color to match brand and overall appearance
  • Food Trucks
  • Product Based business

When to use Multi-Color LED?

Multi-color LED is also referred as RGB, stands for RED,Green, Blue. Its a tri chip LED in which all three colors occupy a specific quadrant and the controlling unit sends different messages from the wireless controllers in order to produce mixed colors such as purple, pink, orange, violet etc. Great use of Multicolor LED:

  • Food Trucks
  • Vending Trucks
  • Restaurants
  • Country based restaurants to give a flag effect
  • Carts
  • Signage
  • Specific colors not available from Solid colors
  • Barber Shops 

Storefront White LED

Blue Storefront LED

Green Storefront LED



What is the difference?

Many times we get questions in regards to competitors, the best way is to look at the product and compare it side by side. Lets begin, the biggest competitors, in which many of their clients end up coming to us is because of failure on the cheap power leads in order to cut cost. "We do not cut corners to save pennies" our work is solid and our reputation speaks for itself. 

Take a look at a recent ad of a competitor on their product in which the leads which is what feeds the electrical, these are screw in cap leads in which the positive terminal and negative terminal are exposed. These storefront LED lights outside run the risk of electrical failure or even fire from rain, or water touching both terminals.

"Theirs" - Competitors "Cheap Screw in leads"



Here is an example of a screw in lead failure, the ends will most likely be out in the open which is exposed to all outdoor elements such as rain, snow, high wind, et... once the water makes full contact with the top of the side which is exposed both positive + and negative - will cause a short circuit. 

Female Screw Adapter


"Ours" SuperStoreLED Quality Soldered Leads (Safe)

Storefront LED with Soldered Leads

These leads are soldered with extra protection of double jacket heat-shrinks to protect from all elements. Even if water touches the lead it cannot get in the the heat shrink jacket. 

We take the time to assure our products are fabricated with good quality leads in order to expand the life of the LED and to make the connection is safe. 


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Ebay Storefront LED low quality screw in leads VS. Soldered Leads March 18, 2015 10:38

Soldered Leads VS. Cheap Screw in leads

"You pay for what you get", goes far when making an investment for your business such as Storefront LED.

Cheap Storefront can be found with some EBAY listings, the way you can tell between a hand made high quality product and a cheap knock off is by the following:

  1. Make sure your LED is clean and visible from the SMD LED CHIP BOARD
  2. The ends are actual soldered leads instead of cheap screw in leads.

Below Figure 1) Shows a cheap screw in lead


This is an example of what to look for and to STAY AWAY! These screw in leads can cause positive and negative contact which will result in a short damaging your lights.


Below Figure 2) A clean soldered lead, separated completely by additional heat-shrink to avoid short contact


Below Figure 3) Below you will see the two side by side (A soldered lead & a cheap screw in cap)


When your making a decision you be assure StorefrontLED will be made with the attention to detail and we will not reduce quality. We stand behind out products. Please visit our store "SHOP LED KITS"