LED lights for business windows? March 1, 2018 15:24

Looking for LED lights for business windows?

We provide custom sizes for all windows. 


Step 1: Get a piece of paper and pencil and label 

Window #1 , Window #2, Window #3... etc (whatever number of windows your want LED)

grab a paper and pen

Step 2: Measure all four sides of each window in inches or feet. Whichever you prefer and write the total measurement that goes with each window. For example: My first window will be window #1. The Lengh is 6 feet and Height is 4 feet. So 6' + 6' + 4' + 4' = 20' or also called 20 Linear Feet. Then keep going with the # of windows you want to decorate with LED.

Measuring for storefront LED

Then call of email us so we can give you a quote. Call at (754) 303-4063 or email us at SuperStoreLED@Gmail.com with your measurements.

We will then provide a custom order just for your windows, doesn't matter if they are square, rectangle, oval,circle etc.. our LEDs are flexible and can outline any shape!

If you want to order directly online you may also click here to shop online!

Single Color LEDs (White, Red, Green, Blue, Pink) here 

Mulitcolor LEDs (Changes to over 44 colors)  here


White storefront LED